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Just to advise the Haverhill site had a successful MCERTS Certification Audit yesterday from external SIRA Certification auditor Mark Thomson.

MCERTS Certification is a legal requirement as a condition of the site's Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) Permit - this is our Authorisation from the Environmental Agency governing site processes and outflow.

The audit entails a comprehensive review of the site's Environmental Management System including audit of policies and procedures, documentation, non-conformances procedures, internal audits and management review plus daily management, recording, sampling, operation, maintenance and condition of effluent plant which is managed full time by ESS.

All records were found to be in order and compliant and a single observation was recorded suggesting graphical representation of daily outflow reading.

This audit has been carried at a minimum of annually previously - the outcome of yesterday's audit is that a further audit is now not required for two years.

The credit for the practical aspect of the audit falls to Duncan Watson-Glass and Laura Sullivan and the ESS team for their day to day upkeep of the effluent plant and corresponding records.

In the interim, internal auditing of the system is required at regular intervals prior to the next external audit.


Mick Frost

Interim EHS Manager
Karro Food Group